Ground Beetles of the Africa

Ethiopian Region and Madagascar


The first volume of the Ground Beetles series contains a selection of the most attractive beetles of the family Carabidae from the Ethiopian Region and Madagascar.

The second edition is available here.

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ISBN: 978-80-907980-1-4
Author: Vladimír Štrunc
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The book depicts 857 species and subspecies of the Carabidae family from the Afrotropic region

The guide is to help you orient yourself among 857 representatives from about 160 genera of the Ground Beetles structured according to tribes from Lorenz, W. (2005). Systematic list of extant ground beetles of the world (Insecta Coleoptera “Geoadephaga”: Trachypachidae and Carabidae incl. Paussinae, Cicindelinae, Rhysodinae.
Robertson&Moore, 2016 – Phylogeny of Paussus L. (Carabidae: Paussinae)

The book is exceptional with its detailed identification views and the number of genera and species represented. The contribution will also be a large representation of Tribu Anthiini (Anthia, Atractonotus, Baeoglossa, Cypholoba, Eccoptoptera, Gonogenia, Netrodera) – 105 representatives and Tribu Paussini (37 representatives).

Species are represented in a top view in front oblique view details of mandibles and a side view. For species diversity, the guide is supplemented by other species only with a classic view from above. Illustrations of some of the species depicted here have never been previously published.

List of genera:

Abacetus, Acupalpus, Afromizonus, Amblystomus, Amorphomerus, Anaulacus, Angionychus,
Anomotarus, Anthia, Anthracus, Antimerina, Apristus, Aptinoderus, Archicolliuris,
Aristopus, Arsinoe, Atractonotus, Atrotus, Axinotoma, Badister, Basilewskya,
Bohemaniella, Bradybaenus, Brachinus, Batoscelis, Bembidion, Boeomimetes, Brachyodes,
Caelostomus, Calleida, Callistoides, Callistomimus, Calosoma, Carabomorphus, Catascopus,
Cerapterus, Clivina, Cophosomorpha, Coptodera, Coptoptera, Coptopterella, Craspedophorus,
Cratognathus, Crepidogaster, Crepidopterus, Cyclosomus, Cylindrocranius, Cymbionotum,
Cymindoidea, Cypholoba, Desera, Dhysores, Dinoscaris, Disphericus, Distichus, Dontolobus,
Drypta, Dyschiridium, Eccoptoptera, Elaphropus, Epigraphus, Erectocolliuris, Eucamptognathus,
Eucolliuris, Eudromus, Eunostus, Eurydera, Galerita, Geobaenus, Glyphodactyla,
Gonogenia, Graphipterus, Grouvellina, Haplotrachelus, Harpalus, Heteropaussus, Hexagonia,
Hiletus, Hystrichopus, Chaetodactyla, Chlaenius, Idiomelas, Idiomorphus, Inkosa,
Labocephalus, Lachnothorax, Lasiocera, Lebia, Lebiomorphica, Lebistina, Lipostratia,
Lobodontus, Lophidius, Loxoncus, Macrocheilus, Madecassina, Mamboicus, Matabele,
Melaenus, Metallica, Microcosmodes, Microcheila, Morion, Mormolycina, Neocoptodera,
Netrodera, Nycteis, Odacantha, Omophron, Ooidius, Pachycallida, Pachyodontus,
Paraglycia, Parachlaenius, Parasiopelus, Parazuphium, Parena, Passalidius, Paussus,
Peliocypas, Pentagonica, Pentaplatarthrus, Pephrica, Perigona, Perissostomus, Pheropsophus,
Piezia, Planetes, Platymetopus, Platynodes, Platytarus, Polyaulacus, Pristacrus,
Procletus, Prodyscherus, Progonochaetus, Protocolliuris, Psecadius, Pseudoclivina,
Pseudognathaphanus, Pseudomasoreus, Pseudoselenophorus, Rathymus, Rhopalomelus, Salcedia,
Scarites, Scolyptus, Siagona, Siopelus, Smeringocera, Somoplatus, Somotrichus, Stenidia,
Stenolophus, Stereostoma, Styphlomerus, Systolocranius, Tefflus, Teratotarsa, Tetragonoderus,
Thyreopterus, Thysanotus, Tilius, Triaenogenius, Trichillinus, Trichis, Wahlbergia,
Xenitenus, Xenodochus, Zuphium

Foreword I

Taxonomy and basic descriptions of species groups can no longer be relegated only to ponderous tomes that use jargon and complex prose indecipherable to all but a few experts. The rising importance of citizen scientists dictates that guides with simple language and clear images must be made available. The attraction of non-professionals to understudied taxa is especially important for less-developed parts of the world.

Vladimír Štrunc’s delightful publication, Ground Beetles of the Africa – Ethiopian Region and Madagascar, introduces the world of African carabid beetles to citizens and students within Africa as well as worldwide. This book presents beautiful photos and locations of more than 800 species of carabid beetles. It serves as the most complete pictorial identification guide of this beetle family common throughout the continent. The quality and clarity of these photographs will undoubtedly appeal to natural history hobbyists, professional entomologists, and artists. Hopefully, this book will serve as a basis from which more detailed knowledge of the distribution, behavior, ecology, and economic importance of carabids in Africa will eventually rise.

— David L. Pearson
School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, USA

Foreword II

Ground beetles (Carabidae) are one of the numerous and diverse families of beetles (Coleoptera), comprising at least 35,000 species in the world fauna. They are known from all continents except Antarctica and inhabit a variety of habitats including mountain, mainland and insular tundra, as well as various deserts and extreme highlands. The greatest diversity of ground beetles is observed in tropical and subtropical regions, where a huge number of endemic and subendemic species live. One of the richest and most diverse fauna of Carabidae is known in the Afrotropical realm (formerly known as the Ethiopian Region).

The book presented here is an example of a beautifully illustrated atlas that, thanks to high-quality digital images, will allow you to become fully acquainted with African ground beetles and to appreciate their diversity. This approach can support both the popularization of entomology and the protection of the natural environment on which the diversity of these insects is directly dependent. Hopefully, this book will be one of the main impetuses for the younger generation to study not only ground beetles but also insects as a whole.

— Andrey Matalin
Institute of Biology & Chemistry, Moscow Pedagogical State University, Russia

Book details

ISBN 978-80-907980-1-4
Pages 216
Format A4 / 210 x 297 mm (8.3 x 11.7 in)
Edition 1st
Language English
Publisher PhotoMusic s.r.o.
Published on July 2021
Cover type hardcover
Weight 1290 g (2.84 lbs)
Dimensions 18 × 217 × 304 mm


  1. Peter Messer (verified owner)

    My copy of “Ground Beetles of Africa” arrived safely this week. I am very pleased with its wide taxonomic extent and artistic photographic quality. As interesting as these beetles are, I don’t plan on proactively acquiring specimens that are confined to the Eastern Hemisphere. I already have my hands completely full in curating Western Hemisphere specimens – especially North America where I own the majority of ground beetle species. That is why your books are so important to me. They are the next best thing to actually owning the specimen AND your books don’t require a lot of space!

    I hope you continue to cover the ground beetles of the Eastern Hemisphere. For starters I recommend “European” or perhaps “Eastern Eurasian”. I’m committed to studying only the superfamily Caraboidea so please understand that I won’t collect your books that cover other beetle families.

    I hope your books sell well as they are important contributions to entomology.

  2. José Muñoz Santiago (verified owner)

    Yesterday I received the new book in perfect conditions.

    Congratulations again! It is one of the best-illustrated Carabidae guide that I have ever seen. I strongly encourage you to continue publishing more of them.
    Including locations of the studied material has improved the work, as it contributes to provide a better approximation to the real distribution of the species.

    • Vladimír Štrunc

      Thank you very much for the review

  3. Colin Schoeman

    Thank you so much for the books. They arrived safely.
    Anyway I looked through your books this afternoon and I think they are splendid. I am so happy I bought them. We have many Carabidae here where I stay and the books will help me with id’s. Well done on having written and produced such wonderful books.

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