The Prionids of the Neotropical region

Illustrated catalogue of the Beetles


The second volume of the Prionids Collection series is devoted to the so-called Neotropical Region.

The book “Prionids of Neotropical Region” offers a guide to the diverse family of long-winged beetles known as Prionids that are found in the Neotropics. Covering their biology, distribution and identification, this book is an essential resource for entomologists, researchers and insect enthusiasts interested in the fascinating world of Prionids.

Ground Beetles of Africa (2nd edition)

The book "Ground Beetles of Africa (2nd edition)" offers a comprehensive guide to these amazing insects, which specifically includes 860 species from approximately 170 genera, detailed information on their habitats, behaviour and distribution. Written by experts in the field, this book is a valuable resource for entomologists, collectors, and nature lovers interested in learning more about these magnificent creatures.

Tiger Beetles of the World

The book "Tiger Beetles of the World" is a comprehensive guide to the fascinating world of tiger beetles. The guide will help you get acquainted with approximately 125 genera and 338 species of the family Cicindelidae structured according to Jürgen Wiesner. Written in collaboration with experts in the field, the book is an essential part of any insect enthusiast's or naturalist's kit.

Jewel Beetles of the World

"Jewel Beetles of the World" is a unique guide to the wonderful world of beetles, showcasing their amazing colours, unique shapes and fascinating behaviours. A total of 504 species and subspecies in 111 genera of the superfamily Buprestoidea are published.
Whether you are an insect enthusiast or just appreciate the beauty of nature, this book is not to be missed in your collection.

ISBN: 978-80-904211-1-0
Author: Ivo Jeniš
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As the book is enhancing the concept of the first one, you will find there familiar sections such as the hierarchic list of specimens and the main photographic catalogue consisting of 100 beetles.

In the introduction you can read about specifics of the Neotropical region, what is the most suitable time to catch beetles in different regions or see some examples of species variability.

The conclusion of the book is enriched with a few tables showing types from Neotropical region and which can be found in Natural History Museum in London.
For reader’s convenience there is also a useful list of species which are already published in the series. This list will grow up as more volumes are published and could be used to look up specific species in the future.

Book details

ISBN 978-80-904211-1-0
Pages 152 (140 color plates)
Format 160 x 230 mm (6.3 x 9 in)
Edition 1st
Language English
Publisher Kulturní dědictví, z.s.
Published on June 2010
Cover type hardcover
Weight 570 g (1.26 lbs)
Dimensions 13 × 165 × 236 mm


  1. Paul Youll

    Just received the brand new Prionids of the Neotropical region, which is absolutely Stunning, as a Professional Artist my self, the first and this new volume is a work of art, beautifully put together, the photography is more akin to exquisite illustrations rather than photographs and each specimen perfectly displayed.
    My congratulations and eager anticipation for the next volume in this series, very best regards and many thanks for a 2 wonderful books.

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