The Carabids Collection Bundle


A complete set of all books from the Carabids Collection series dealing with beetles of the superfamily Caraboidea from around the world and from individual biogeographic regions.

Ground Beetles of Africa (2nd edition)

The book "Ground Beetles of Africa (2nd edition)" offers a comprehensive guide to these amazing insects, which specifically includes 860 species from approximately 170 genera, detailed information on their habitats, behaviour and distribution. Written by experts in the field, this book is a valuable resource for entomologists, collectors, and nature lovers interested in learning more about these magnificent creatures.

Tiger Beetles of the World

The book "Tiger Beetles of the World" is a comprehensive guide to the fascinating world of tiger beetles. The guide will help you get acquainted with approximately 125 genera and 338 species of the family Cicindelidae structured according to Jürgen Wiesner. Written in collaboration with experts in the field, the book is an essential part of any insect enthusiast's or naturalist's kit.

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Ground Beetles of Africa (2nd edition)

Weight 1420 g (3.13 lbs)
Dimensions 20 × 217 × 304 mm

Tiger Beetles of the World

Weight 940 g (2.07 lbs)
Dimensions 14 × 217 × 304 mm

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