Jewel Beetles of the World

Illustrated guide to the Superfamily Buprestoidea


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Tiger Beetles of the World

The first publication in a series of large-format picture guides focuses on a group of probably the most beautiful and diverse members of the Cicindelidae family, known as the Tiger Beetles.

ISBN: 978-80-907980-2-1
Author: Vladimír Štrunc
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A total of 504 species and subspecies in 111 genera of the superfamily Buprestoidea are published.
During the pre-publication phase, the book was amended to increase the scope of the main part to 93 species and the geographical part to 132 species.

Expert supervision of this publication was provided by V. Kubáň (Šlapanice u Brna, Czech Republic). The validity of the names of the included taxa and their correct spelling, authorship and year of publication follow the most recently published works. The world catalogue of the superfamily Buprestoidea (Bellamy 2008, 2009) and the second supplemented edition of the Palearctic Catalogue (Kubáň 2016) were used as a basis. Where revision papers were published after these dates, the data from these papers were used as above (eg. Hołyński 2009, 2014, Moore & Vidal 2015, Frank &Sekerka 2016, 2020, Frank 2000).
The confirmationof the identifications of the included taxa was entirely based on photographs. The included taxa from Palaearctic and Oriental Regions were verifiedby V. Kubáň based on his private collection and his private library. The included taxa from the remaining zoogeographical regions were verifiedby V. Kubáň with the help of his private collection, the collection of the Entomological Department of the National Museum in Prague and on the basis of his private library. The genera Belionota, Chrysodema, Cyphogastra, Paracupta and Iridotaenia were modified thanks to extensive comments by D. Frank (Prague, Czech Republic). Only the North American species of the genus Acmaeodera remain in their original unrevised state.

The first title in the FAMILIES SERIES, which is mainly intended for nature enthusiasts, insect photographers, educators and amateur collectors. The edition aims to motivate the younger generation to protect the natural habitats to which insects are vitally attached.

In the book you will find individual views of interesting species from the top and side view in high resolution. Another section features illustrations of specimens with a geographical map. The last section consists of tabular lists of 12 species including country, locality and date of collection.

Book details

ISBN 978-80-907980-2-1
Pages 208
Format A4 / 210 x 297 mm (8.3 x 11.7 in)
Edition 1st
Language English
Publisher PhotoMusic s.r.o.
Published on August 2022
Cover type hardcover
Weight 1250 g (2.76 lbs)
Dimensions 18 × 217 × 304 mm


  1. Noel

    The pictures are truly breath-taking. That is not a book but a piece of art.

  2. Aldon Spencer (verified owner)

    I bought a copy of Jewel Beetles of the World and Tiger Beetles of the World and I can tell you personally that these books are worth every penny. The color photography is amazing and the amount of species represented is fantastic. I just can not praise them enough.
    I am hoping that more editions covering other families will soon be available. It’s like have an insect collection in a book.

  3. David Pearson

    Again, Vladimír Štrunc continues to surpass the beauty and detailed information with each book on beetles he publishes. The latest one on “The Jewel Beetles of the World – Buprestoidea” has breathtaking colour photos of more than 500 species of 111 genera of this superfamily.
    This time the illustrations of each species are even larger so that quick comparisons can be made of the dorsal and lateral views. A convenient addition in the biogeographic section is a map showing the distribution at a glance of the species represented on each page. In the Genera section, numerous additional species are illustrated for the more speciose genera.
    Even if you are not a Jewel beetle professional or aficionado, this book will mesmerize you with each page of brilliantly coloured beetles.

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